FTP, which is an abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol, represents one of the most popular ways to transmit files between a computer and a web server. Using FTP software such as FileZilla, you can establish a connection to your website hosting account and drag & drop files or entire folders in either direction and the software will do all the rest. There’re several pros of employing FTP, among them the ability to restart an upload/download in case there is a problem with the connection and the possibility to create different FTP accounts. Thanks to the latter option, you can create FTP users that can access only particular folders in your hosting account, but no other folders, emails or other info, which makes it the ideal solution especially if you need to grant a web designer access, for instance. You can also use an FTP account with famous web design apps like Dreamweaver or FrontPage and upload the website content that you have created straight from them, without the need to use 3rd-party software.

FTP Accounts in Hosting

Each of the hosting packages that we are offering will allow you to create an unlimited number of FTP accounts, so you’ll be able to manage the content of your sites independently or to grant other people access to any Internet site in your website hosting account. In case you have a web design software application installed on your PC, you will be able to run multiple Internet sites all at once and to update them effortlessly. If you provide the login details to another person for a particular task, you will be able to modify the password for that FTP account or to delete it entirely with just a few clicks of the mouse and prevent any chance of unauthorized access to your web content in the future. For convenience’s sake, all FTP accounts that you set up will be shown alphabetically in the corresponding section of your Hepsia Control Panel.